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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

life with my fit-bit on Newark-Granville Road!

I received a fit-bit for Christmas.  Joe asked me if I wanted one while doing the holiday gift planning. I honestly said yes to give the kdis something to get me.  I felt a little late to the party about these things but was curious.  Joe is good about picking technology that works for me so I knew I was in good hands. Here are some general thoughts:

1. I'm not an exact person so it fits me fine.  I don't worry when I start the day with 300 steps and haven't gotten out of bed.

2. I love that it makes me think about extra activity.  I'll easily make two trips with the groceries knowing it will help me get to goal, grow in steps.

3. The big ah-ha for me was the day I stayed home from work on a snow day. I had met my goal of 10,000 steps by 1 pm.  My work days- most of my days- that is far from the case.

4. Other ah-has.  If I exercise, walk the dog again easy to reach my goal.

Kids walked the dog for me tonight….darn….

5. The sleep mode- tracking of my restlessness- is interesting.  Do I think it is a sleep monitor- no. Do I find it great that it does the math- 7 hours of sleep, with four restlessness times- yay 7 hours in bed- that is great! The psychology of it all is fascinating- I feel more rested knowing what was happening- was I tossing and turning and when.

6. I don't like the style of it- I miss gold or silver on my wrist. I don't love wearing it with jewelry  Mine is gray to be more like silver. I'd probably prefer a flesh color or more designer style.  I know there are designer ones out there.  Not sure I care that much.

7. Days I forget to wear it- don't bother me- that much. I do like the weekly summary so that is what bothers me when I forget.  I like to know the average number of steps.  Days I easily meet my goal and surpass it fuel the days I don't- so again I don't like to not wear it.

8. Kids are having fun with it.  We pull into to a parking lot and I park far away- Sally declares- "really mom- you need that many steps?"

So thanks for reading- I appreciate the interaction with you on my blog- activity is high this month!!  Life on Newark-Granville road has lots of steps- some forward, some back, some days more than others.  Steps filled with friends, learning, love and laughter, tears and frustrations but happy steps rule the day and I count my blessing with each one I take.

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