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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

getting ready for lacrosse (LAX)

We're not headed to Los Angeles, and basketball season isn't over…but it is time to sign up for Spring Sports!  For 2 of our 3 kids that is lacrosse/lax and for Peter it is baseball!  Get excited- pitchers and catchers report in 15 days! I'm a big fan of helpful reminders to my fellow parents.  And please know I love when the favor is returned!!  And yes- it is Early Release tomorrow- Wed!!!  Here is the general information page- in Granville about spring sports.  Yikes registration started way back in January and will close soon.  With all 3 of ours playing basketball and work being so happening I just didn't get my head around spring sports. We missed the info meetings- darn. There are minutes/outline from said meeting- click on the meeting announcement and you can download the doc!  You'll see one reasons for my motivation in typing this post- Joe is coaching the 3-4th girls team!! We want to get a great group of girls out for this fun sport. We're also interested in getting all kids out on the Lax field that want to be on the field and want to support all active families!

So I asked Clare today to tell us why she likes to play lacrosse? It is her favorite sport and all she could say is it is fun.  And it is.  It is a great way to stay active, learn team work, develop motor skills and coordination. For you basketball, soccer and field hockey players it is similar and a great way to apply skills from the court/field.  It is fast paced which is fun to watch and it is all about learning.  The girls will advance together and quickly has much of an advantage.

The time to register is now, we're here to help you - we'll find time and place to get a stick in your girls hands to get a feel for it.  I don't know as much about the boys program but happy to help put you in touch with those that do- we want to see lots of lax happening in our lives on Newark-Granville Road- literally and figuratively - the games and practice are at Bryn Du!  Spread the word and help us get as many kids registered for spring sports as want to be in our Granville community!

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