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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Festa Bianco - August 1st Party @ The Works!! Make your reservation….

Buy your tickets now! August 1st is going to be a beautiful wonderful night and you will be disappointed if you only read about it on my blog…..why…..

-The Works volunteers and staff apply the essence of the museum- innovation, education, fun, elegance, great taste, partnership, community engagement into every event so no event should ever be missed.

-But this is the 1st one- the start of something very special and cool!  Festa Bianco- party, light, bright, crisp and clean….with Italian theme to it.  Know about Fete Blanc- this is the Licking County/ Works way to do it!

-Want to know more ask me- I'm on the committee being led by bright, dedicated young people- Sarah Schaab, Ashley Curl- woo hoo- you go girls!  What an delight to get to know you.  Sally Heckman, Matt Miller, Heather Downes, Andrew Guanciale, Kim Downs, Pat Jeffries- fellow committee members- you rock.

-So many ways to engage, support, give and enjoy at this event- you won't want to miss it.  There are already over 150 signed up- in the summer, during a busy time- yes- way to go!! The Sponsors are amazing, Palumbo's food will be incredible….downtown Newark, this incredible education center- all need our support, every dollar, every volunteer hour matters!

-Other things going on- we get it- try to do both if you can…..The night will go on- dinner is sit down, family style- it will be fun- a seat can be saved for you…we will dance, we will laugh, we will catch up and we will make a difference.

Thanks for reading- my life on Newark-Granville Road is all the better because of opportunities like Festa Bianco!

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