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Monday, July 6, 2015

happy birthday to me…..

Yes my birthday falls at a fantastic time of year! Over the years we've celebrated in a variety of ways often including sparklers and fireworks depending on the day of the week and the vacation schedule.  When I search birthdays in past blog post "baseball" makes a repeat appearence. The holiday makes it festive and for years now includes quality family time at Apple Valley.  Once again this year I've been blessed with wonderful sentiments and care to make me feel very special.  It has been a very happy birthday in my life on Newark-Granville Road.

It has been a very special fourth.  We certainly miss our girls but know they are having fun at camp!  The weekend started with a letter from both girls- in one envelope.  When we arrived home today- Monday- holiday for me woo hoo- there was another letter from Clare- she needed a few things. She was wise and opened with "Sally and I are both doing great".  Last year with the broken ankle- mine- we went to Apple Valley for R+R and fantastic hospitality.  So this year I really wanted to enjoy Granville's 4th and take advantage of local hospitality. And that we did- our life is filled with beautiful opportunities to connect with the good folks in this community and our festive celebration!  We also enjoyed spending my whole birthday at the lake!  We missed Will and Scott but the different dynamic worked just fine.

Some highlights and traditions during the 4th of July 2015 on Newark-Granville Road…..
-fireworks!  We enjoy the festive atmosphere of Granville Fireworks, however we like to high tail it back to watch from afar.  We rode our bikes to the party but returned just as dusk settled in to park our bikes and take a car to the top of Bryn Du. This year is was quite festive with young families following suit to avoid the loud bangs and booms and have easy access to bed time.
-fireworks outside of the community- we love to enjoy the fireworks on the water with good friends but this year we drove north after a full day of 4th of July in Granville taking in many shows at a distance from the road - pretty in their own way.
-Granville's 4th family games! new this year- something I've heard about but never seen up close and personal.  Embracing the spirit we joined the fun- I have the skinned elbow from the three-legged race with Peter to prove it.  I'm fine and in awe of the athletic ability of the sack racers, egg tossers, three legged movers/skippers and even the egg-spoon run! All ages were pretty impressive.  Our community once again shines with this charm taking in the collective oohs and ahhs, cheers and claps.
-FireCracker Five- proud of Joe and Peter for crossing the finish line- so many great folks to cheer on at the Burg/New Burg intersection.  Yay Granville Rotary for this five mile footrace year after year.
-Peter's support of the fair experience- he stood in all the lines to keep our process moving- god love this kid! We had a nice Ferris wheel ride- such a great place to people watch, see the layout of our village and chat with your 13 year old.
-great treats- the parties and the food- festive and delicious. Joe made our oriental slaw for the first party.  He also delivered a wonderful birthday breakfast.  I made the blueberry buckle and Ann had the best grilled salmon for my birthday dinner!  Up and down our road  and even across the lake we enjoyed the great cuisine of hosts and party goers- thank you.
-Birthday Swim for the Apple Valley Swim team! Our ranks grew with two new members- woo hoo! I kayaked over- I am the coach and this was a great vantage.  Joe usually paddles but wanted to swim this go around.  On the way back new member Beth took the boat and I enjoyed a swim.  While swimming and observing Ann on the paddle board I committed to trying at the end of the journey.  She picked up the vibe and made the call to swim to shore - I took on the board- my first time- good times!
-The mile long parade- a tradition we've taken in at various ways and are grateful for company and hosts over the years.  It seemed particularly great this year- maybe we just know more people involved and value their efforts to delight and celebrate the important day!

I could keep on typing but will wrap it up.  The birthday itself is rolled in to the holiday fun. I've opened beautiful gifts, and meaningful cards, been delighted by calls and song and facebook posts. Life on Newark-Granville Road has a very happy birthday girl because of all the good people reaching out to make it so- thank you.

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