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Monday, July 20, 2015

What is for Dinner…..Leithauser's turn in the kitchen

We keep it pretty simple- shrimp- steamed shrimp, peel and eats!  Cole Slaw, fries….we add the fun with a good appetizer- artichoke dip and then a fun desert- went with Pap's favorite- tapioca!  Then for the kids- chocolate pudding. I found pretty serving dishes and we called it done!  We devored all 5 lbs of shrimp, the appetizers and all serving of dessert!  Dinner done- now to enjoy the rest of my siblings and mother's cooking! Life on Newark-Granville Road at the beach- yummy and good times around the tables!

That was written on Monday night of vacation - here were the rest of the menus:

Saturday arrival was beef bourguignon- Mom does it ahead and then thaws for nights with travel- beach, camp fire- it all is delicious! appetizers from favorite places like Gordon's Grocery!

Sunday Sarah did her bbq chicken, that was crispy and grilled perfect!  A salad with cilantro we all loved, corn on the cob!

Tuesday- Mexican- Dawn with help had awesome white Enchiladas, rice, beans, salsa and guac.  She did a fried ice cream desert that we all raved and licked our plates over- recipe will be shared and repeated in Ohio!  An extra bonus- a beach ball pinnate for an activity!  That was new this year and very well received.  I added some cocktail fun with the cucumber margaritas from Day Noche- I'm grateful the recipe was shared.  I did OK with them- not exactly but pretty close! I served them in the small glasses.  I also made Sangria- festive, fun and very summary!

Wednesday team effort with Mom leading leading the effort with flank steak, twice baked potatoes, salad,brownies for dessert and Sarah's buffalo chicken dip that we all look forward to having.

Sarah is quite the cook as Thursday she did the steamed clams in broth that has my mouth watering as I type. Mom made a fried fish and we added rice, fresh broccoli, sliced tomatoes and called it another great meal!

By Friday we were done- dinner out - we did steamed crabs - ahhhhhh yummy! Not as good as what you get in MD but since I spend my days on Newark-Granville Road I'll take what I can get.

We eat well at the beach and enjoy preparing a good dinner in the relaxed nature of vacation.

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