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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Summertime- we're on vacation….

Okay a highlight of my kids lives - Disney's High School Musical.  Tonight after a fantastic dinner we were hanging in the living room of the beach house doing various things- five and five- I rub your neck, you rub mine, watching the Nationals, playing a board game, general chit-chat. Clare was on her phone and was soooo excited to get the result "High School Musical" from an on-line quiz.  She went around and gave everyone the quiz- What Musical are You? Matt ended up with Footloose, I was BeeHive, Joe- Greese and the others- HSM.  Well Pap asked the question-  High School Musical-does it have good music?  It was like a queue from a musical- all three kids in the room stood up and broke in to uniform song, then songs…it was darling!  The parents know the music too but not each word, not the motions like Clare, Peter and Grace!  So sweet and fun! The littles made their way up from the lower level - no doubt hearing the call of the lyrics and joined their talented cousins under the TV.  Pap and Nana kind of know some of the music but not really- but they love seeing their grand kids passionate and happy about music. Pretty wholesome fun music too.

I remember vaguely the HSM debut and how much the kids liked it. When the 2nd came out we were all excited. In fact it debuted with an event of Sarah and Greg's wedding. We made sure they could watch from Greg's parents house- very sweet and accommodating as I think about it.  Fun times that make me smile.

Vacation with the family- not always simple, easy but very worthwhile and nights like these, important part of our lives on Newark-Granville Road…at the beach!

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