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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

willing the crabs…..

Matthew and I both wanted a soft shell crab sandwich….and by golly our favorite Ocracoke restaurant had it as a special.  We talked about our plans for the day- Ocracoke ferry, the book store on the island and then where to for lunch?  We LOVE Howards but prefer to eat outside, water side.  Our recent tradition is the Jolly Pirate- we know the drill, like  the location - on the water- and they have parking. But would they have soft shells?  We made the decision  to go here regardless.  Sarah found "our spot" as she has for years and we ordered our pitcher of Yunelging!  (this was Dawn's priority for our lunch choice) looked at the special menu and rejoiced!  I believe we willed it to happen!

Traditions works, the kids love the ferry ride, the quick shopping before we board and the time in all the places mentioned above to fulfill the promised processes.  We added the Apple Ugly and donuts from Orange Blossom Baker this year. It took longer than planned, caused some stress and provided quality catch-up time.  We ended up tailgating at the ferry line and loved each bite of the warm, cinnamon, fresh baked deliciousness.

We did not do it all this trip- time never allows. We did what worked for us- some of us climbed the lighthouse, some of us sailed, some of us went to the liquor store, some of us swam every day in the ocean, the pool both, some of us shopped, some of us read and finished books, some of us sang or produced or contributed in our ways to a show, some of us slept in, some of us put new shoes on Martha, some of us surfed, some of us were first at happy hour, all of us embraced family time at the beach, put sand in our shoes and everywhere else and we all look forward to coming back to Avon, NC's the lost lobsta!

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