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Monday, July 27, 2015

Sand, Saltwater and Stoner time!

Ahhhh the beach, ahhhh all under one roof- at least for 3 meals a day (Dawn and Matt are at the condo Joe's throw from the house- the lost lobsta! It feels so good to be south of Newark-Granville Road and at the beach with my parents, siblings, nieces….we jump right into great routines highlights include:

-swimming in the ocean- yes we are, despite shark summer! We're being smart and not going way out, swimming together but we love the salt water, waves and release the ocean provides!

-sitting on the beach- catching up, walking, talking, reading, sleeping, playing- 1st day activity, 2nd day activity….

-dinners, breakfast by Nana, amazing lunch options.  Nothing is perfect we had to "coach" kids on too much sand in a shower, clean-up expectations, teamwork/ supporting one another- Peter was locked out, Clare's phone taken….but so many fun times together!

-this year we added sailing.  Pap loves to sail and wanted to introduce the grand kids to the activity.  I have fond memories and confidence in a sleuth thanks to those times. This morning Matt with two bigs and Daddy and I with Peter took the bay in catamarans- good times!  We put the kids in captain roles and helped them get a feel for rudder and sail- making memories, building skills.  There really is nothing like it, it came back pretty easily if I do say so myself!


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