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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Last day at the beach…everything is brighter, more vibrant

The waves were indeed bigger and bolder…a storm came through overnight with a gift of fun wave jumping for the late morning beach time.  In the water- declaration of "AIR  tiME" "ssublime sea time",  squeals and ahhhhs, motions of twirls, dives,  ohhh-ahhhhs, splash, plunck,….it was beautiful, thrilling and fun! Scary from the beach for the moms- but once in exhilarating! And lots of returning to the beach house to rinse sand and stone!

The breeze on the beach- we never got hot, we read, we walked, we enjoyed the water that had an inviting temp!  It was a great way to wrap up a wonderful family gathering with all of most of us now really under one roof.  It was hard to leave and the last day made it all exponential - my float in the pool at the end of the day- peaceful with blue skies bluer than ever. The colors of all things around me- painted chairs on the balcony - vibrant and bright!

We were done cooking so our last night- dinner out! Not perfect hard shell MD blue crabs but good enough. The ritual and time together wonderful. The savory, spicy flavor and process of picking- priceless!  This Ohio girl embraced every chance to put a piece of crab into my mouth- followed by the twang of old bay seasoning and the feel of messy crabby fingers so yummy!  (Bonus- the women's bathroom had a salt or a sugar scrub to get rid of the smell of lingering crab- it worked- we all loved it!! Yay Dick's!)

Life on Newark-Granville Road loves when childhood good times marry with the current experience- today was one of those days.  The week's vacation was awesome.   Knowing it will be a year until we return and each opportunity to be in this moment with sand, sea and family together makes it all the more special- I say thank you and savor allowing it all to be brighter and most beautiful day of all.

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