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Sunday, July 26, 2015

the drive…..

We made it! I sit in the king size bed of the rental property, listening to the ocean, happy to be in one zip code with my family. (So Mom's wish of all under one roof is hard with 14 of us, so most of us are under one roof, two of us are in a condo down the block….)

The day started at 4 am for me, my natural wake up- was it time, was it time my brain was declaring like a child on Christmas morning- I was so excited to get the girls from camp. We knew Clare was happy and fine- jury still out on Sally.  No reason other than over care, over thinking- the letters all great, photos, even a letter from counselor saying all good….plus I missed her!  Camp pick up was wonderful and fabulous.  All is great, pictures will tell the story later but for now the big part of the day was a success.

We followed our usual plan- return girls to hotel, let them shower. This year we were in Lewisburg at the General Lewis Inn- very Buxton like- antiques, simple with a fantastic setting.  We had breakfast on the front porch- delicious yummy breakfast to make it all perfect!  The girls did what they needed and we gathered as a family before joining the Stoner complete family at the beach.  But to do that…we needed to drive.

Eight hours to the Outer Banks.  We selected a new route- it looked scenic and it was the hypotenuse! It was scenic, curvy.  It took us to Appomattox Courthouse! Bonus- not in the plan, but we seized the opportunity and added a love to do for us- see history in person.  The kids did not understand but they went with it. We all watched the movie at the National Park - attentively.  We all felt the reverence in our own way!  Walking the path Lee and Grant took that important day.

Back in the car- I took the front seat - not the plan- so I could charge my phone while going on line to pre-register for Camp Allehgany next year!  Both girls want to return for their own reasons and we want to make it happen.  Technology is simply amazing.  At camp pick-up…we were a t-t early- we were talking with the former counselors about life with a pay phone in the counselor bunk house- wow!  The use of letters to really know what was going on and we all agreed the campers must remain in this old school place where relationships on the Greenbrier river rise above all else and the world takes a time out for a few weeks.

So after a sought after break I returned to the back seat with Sally and Peter. This was the right formation.  I had quality time with Sally- talking, touching, cuddling.  Peter could get comfy with me- I put my hand over his eyes to attempted nap. I was the easy referee in a unusual crammed space for them.  Martha was full to the gills with two trunks, golf clubs, vacation and camp supplies. No way- back for this trip. Clare happy as can be in the front on her phone catching back up to the world that went on without her in Ohio for three weeks.

So even Sally, happy to be reunited, ran out of stories. She also has a cold and her voice is shot. Not being able to read in the dim back seat I turned to Face book and catch-up.  I've added three new friends on Facebook- reconnecting with various people from the past thirty years- all triggered by good weekend gatherings!

I really believe the last 30 minutes of any road trip journey are the worst- we all wanted to be here. I was over done- the touching, cuddling, quality time in the back seat was over.  The kids were punchy, silly and down right annoying.  It was two hours way past Saturday cocktail hour and we all needed to be done with the drive getting us to vacation in our lives on Newark-Granville Road.

We arrived safely. Within ten minutes drinks were poured, within twenty the car unloaded and happy reunited family was together and catching up to commence this year's vacation.  Vacation or Trip- more on that perspective at this point in our lives at a future time as I share my life on Newark-Granville Road!

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