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Thursday, July 16, 2015

where is Susan?

I'm here, I have not traveled for work yet but I have been working!!  And keeping the dance in motion….facebook usually is a good way to keep up with my life on Newark-Granville Road, not the case this week!  For those that care and following along, I have:

-participated in amazing conference here in Granville.  Denison hosted fellow Major Gift Officers from primarily  the northeast and mid-Atlantic states - what a treat to hear their reaction to our charming town and fair college on the hill. I was inspired and filled with great lessons- wonderful week!  Proud of the department I work within that hosted these 95 folks!!

-loved the mail delivery - many letters from SALLY and a few from  Clare.  I think there may be a competition there- two envelopes from Sally yesterday- one short and sweet.  She has taken to sending us her targets from rifelry- proud mamma.  Letters from Camp will be a blog entry all of its own soon!

-been working with the contractor! Steve Flowers' crew from CS Construction is doing a great job with our basement project.  No one ones to work on things like basements- I will get my screened in porch some day. However now that we're seeing what will be in the future it is exciting- big project, never done, always twists and turns….again future blog entry to coach anyone through what we've experienced.  I'm actually looking forward to executing the plan for decor we have mapped out for that space…stay tuned!

-volunteered bit with church and The Works- looking forward to the Denison table at Festa Bianco and that whole night that will be here soon.  And that leads to getting excited for Seafood Fest- dear friends have dressed me- MCC pals- make your reservations August 22nd!! And I've swung a golf club a few times with the Friday night league. Fun to watch Peter embracing this life long sport and soak up quality parent time- mostly Joe!!

That is a good summary for now of what keeps me busy- I always enjoy connecting and catching up with friends that make my life special on Newark-Granville Road.

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