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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Ankle Update- Pacing myself

On Thursday I had my post surgery check-up.  I heard the news I knew and didn't like.  Four more weeks of non weight bearing effort.  We go back in four weeks to check the x-ray for growth and go from there.  This appointment was about checking the incision- all looks good.  I'm still in awe at how small the wounds are- tiny and closed- scabbed.  The swelling and bruising- all on schedule. I am able to work on range of motion with the boot off. I need to continue to elevate and ice at night and elevate during the day as able- it helps.  The next stage after this, if all progresses well, will be physical therapy and time in the boot with walking.  Ahh walking- I do miss it.

I try to be positive. I'm so grateful for the knee cart and all the help getting places.  Going places is a wonderful distraction and keeps me aligned with my life. It was good to see the last basketball game I'll take in of the season.  I didn't see Peter play but his teammates worked hard and won- yay! Go Aces.  Joe and I had our date night to celebrate his birthday/our anniversary at the Blue Jackets game. I'm so grateful for the friend who gave these to us AND arranged for us to sit in handicap seating. Learning new ways to access places is good for me.  Riding elevators with those in a permanent reality of the disabled pathway is good for me.  Lesson leaned- if you can take the stairs- do so- especially in places crowded and designed for people to use escalators and stairs.    That was my first trip to Columbus in weeks, well over a month.  The last place I was in Columbus was the airport- returning home from a trip.  What a treat to see a great Blue Jackets game and win!  What a treat to be out with Joe.  Changes in scenery is good for me as well. I was at LMH for volunteer work yesterday, not via ambulance! This break is providing so many perspectives.

I am not always positive.  When I focus on four more weeks of no freedom it is depressing.  Asking and arranging for assistance with most things is humbling and hard.  Joe is doing a great job but it is a lot to do.  This morning he forgot Sally and I needed a ride to go eat pancakes before her trip with a friend to a science day at Kenyon.  Joe took freshman boys that wanted to eat before their game for pancakes. So he was indeed Leithauseruber!  Keeping track and arranging who goes where when how is hard and adding me to the mix all the more complicated.  I want to go by myself. I want to leave town. I want to travel to do the work I do.  Post appointment and into Friday I was having my own pitty party. I was feeling sorry for myself and I continue to do so.  Today I realized we're into the 3 1/2 week until the next stage. I'm trying to look ahead at what we'll do for Spring Break this year. Plans we were going to make need to be put on hold due to the ankle and traveling distance.  It is a good distraction to think future fun with limitation at the pace that allows me to heal.  

I'm keeping in mind that I have to pace myself in my life on Newark-Granville Road. The ankle is important and takes time to heal. I value the stories of others who have gone before me and their experiences- all roads lead to time.  I'm coming to accept that and rearranging my expectations.  Time with good people helping, sharing, caring means so very much and helps me with my healing pace.

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