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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Real Life with my broken ankle.....

I'm hanging in there. I'm learning a lot about myself.  I'm seeing different things. I'm reminded of a processes matter- this resurfaces often lately- work and home. It is hard to always be positive.  I can laugh at myself.

A funny.  It really really helps to put my clothes out the night before.  Even what I need on the vanity and put it all close.  Reaching can be hard.  The shower chair I use in the shower, is also my hair drying, make up chair.  I admit I will skip a shower and freshen up instead as a shower takes energy. The other day I had my extra favorite product- dry shampoo- ready to go.  However I didn't.  I had same brand, same color, same size can- hair spray.  So instead of giving my hair a good perk-up- I made it sticky and flat.  Then I put the dry shampoo on....oh well no energy or time to shower- I just did the 100 stroke brush and made due.

In the shower today the bandage came off so now I've seen my incision. Wow- nothing to it. So impressed!  The foot has ached a bit more, probably my lack of elevating. It isn't pain, it is an ache- it is OK. I'll be excited to see the doctor next week.

I really don't like to ask for help.  When I made this real and say it- I swear another offer arrives.  The kind letters with phone numbers from retired women in the community I LOVE YOU.  You want to run errands, grocery shop and delivery me to appointments- you are so kind!! The challenge is scheduling this. Just like scheduling my kids- who goes where when how- now I have to be on that to-do list.  And I am working. I love working.....more later on that.....but add the extra coordination of getting me to work and from work and getting work done- lots to juggle. That said I don't feel like I'm juggling my kids at all.  Clare can drive and asks for the car.  Carpool friends just picked up the slack and take Peter- THANK YOU and Sally always has had parents willing to help- THANK YOU!  So it all works out. I actually get to be rather selfish right now. Lying on the couch at night reading or watching TV.  My work around the house is pretty minimal. I'm eating quite well, although trying to be smart.

We are eating well.  I will say I did start to really crave vegetables this week.  Last week it was fruit. Cooked veggies are just not often on the drop off dinner plan.  A friend delivered a casserole that included them and we all licked the plates and multiple servings.  She also brought a salad pre-tossed lightly with yummy extras- so good.  Sally took the extra to school the next day- that good.  A gift cards to Maamos were put to use tonight as Joe traveled and Clare had a basketball game....and I was craving their vegetables.  Everyone got a different entree with.....vegetables..then I got extra. The Brussels sprouts and the cabbage with my salmon- OMG!  We are so grateful for the support.

Back to the work thing.  I like getting up and going. I'm waking up early and am ready to get up. My body is rested and healing I know but I sit a lot, lay a lot and dont' exeret much energy.  The first floor office is very convenient and it is easy to get into Beth Eden, thanks to my chauffeurs. I like my work. I was able to meet with three students this week. One is helping with some errands- took the kids to Whit's tonight, I didn't opt for Cane's in Heath yet.  I like my colleagues and had a particularly good day with many of them today.

So real life on Newark-Granville Road as you can tell is pretty good...even with a broken ankle.

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