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Friday, February 3, 2017

Objects at rest, stay at rest....Broken Ankle Diary

Day two post surgery- rest day.  I had a wonderful night's sleep and made my way downstairs. Thanks to the scooter I was able to make a delicious high protein/fiber breakfast and catch-up with my mama on the phone.  Then I settled into the couch.  Elevating the ankle high above my heart, with ice pack under the knee seems to be keeping me quite comfortable.  Yesterday had some discomfort but nothing horrible- interesting to pay attention to what aches and think about the whys. The nerve block's receding pattern- ah the science.

One day at a time and so much gratitude for the food, flowers, company, texts, tea, calls- it makes a difference and keeps my spirits up as I allow the healing to happen. Having a gorgeous delicious lunch delivered by tray was quite a treat today. Last night the whole family raved and enjoy their favorite items and left overs.

Tomorrow I bathe!  My new best friend is my dry shampoo and cornstarch powder!  The inability to bathe is another reason to stay home and rest. I'm listening to my body and today has easily been a day to remain on the couch.   Life on Newark-Granville Road isn't overly exciting- we're resting and reading-up for all the good to come!

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