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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Catch-uping up some links to share in my life.....

A few things to share beyond just what is happening with me and my ankle!  I do appreciate the interest and returns to the blog!

What a treat to get out of the house and attend Cocktails by the Fire last night.  If you were not there, plan to attend next year's Cocktails by the Fire- always the 1st Saturday in February- so 2018- eek- is Feb 3rd. Supporting Art in Licking County is important and the glass studio is pretty special.  I'm always impressed with the food the local restaurants provide- yum. The staff and volunteers go above and beyond and make it quite a great night- last night was no exception and I'm glad I was there as a guest!  Learn more about the Works at:  fun for all ages! The WWI exhibit is import to see- the jeep, the personal stories of Licking County veterans and the eerie SS material.....spooky to me with my new interest in Man in the High Castle on Netflix!

Speaking of yummy food and a date for your calendar!  Another blog entry about the first Wednesday of the month at the Newark Mannerchor!  Take a look at my post and then all the others that showcase the great foods and drinks of Licking County!

Cabi Party at my house...yes, my house, yes with my broken ankle.  We'll keep it simple. Kay Cox will be here on Feb 22nd at 7 pm. These clothes are a help to me - shopping at home with friends.  Stop by if you like- email me for more details and to RSVP  Thanks!  see the line at:    or better yet- host a show, you can even host this show if you like?!!!

Super Bowl......our kids are excited to make wings using the new InstaPot...more on that on another day- really Joe's new toy.  I've had some great meals - very moist- and it is fast.  I love how he embraces cooking- as do the kids.  We'll enjoy chili, homemade cornbread and great cookies- everyone has been so generous to us with my injury- thank you.  I'm in a neutral place- excited for commercials, Lady Gaga, and being together as a family in the living room. Joe moved the TV upstairs- woo hoo!

And in case you are curious and to document for the record books, I'm feeling good.  Resting today as I was out and about yesterday.  Joe encouraged me to get a change of scenery and he was right.  The Denison basketball game is a happy place for me- all those fans. I'm sorry we didn't get the W..sigh....and then Sally helped me get dressed so I could join Joe at Cocktails by the Fire.   I love a reason to wear a hat and the Casablanca 40s theme was just that! My pain is managed by the acetaminophen- I'm trying to keep up on it without hurting my liver. That means lots of water.  I will go to the office 1/2 days and return home for the high elevation and lap top work in the afternoons. 

Life on Newark-Granville Road, in Licking County, in the village of Granville, in the Midwestern state of Ohio in this pretty special United States on this super bowl Sunday 2017.....thanks for getting caught up with me!

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