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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentines Love

My heart is filled with love today.  Love for the sister born this day- oh so many years.  Her birth prompted my first memory!  My mother's labor was early- two months- so my brother and I were hurried to the dear neighbors. We stopped to pick our cereal and were ushered to Aunt Ella and Uncle Bill's house.  The rest of the day is snapshots of people coming and going and finally Daddy arriving home to tell us the baby's name- Sarah Catherine.  I liked it.  I don't recall anything about it being Valentines Day by the way. Happy Birthday Boo!

My heart is filled with love for my family.  Last night I cooked dinner- it took tremendous effort and wore me out but it felt so good to do.  We had our usual- regular readers know: salmon cakes, mac n cheese, fresh steamed broccoli and stewed tomatoes.  V8 was the sub for the tomatoes.  No dessert planned, I punted and asked Sally to bake.  I was too tired- the knee can only take the pressure of the scooter for so long. I coached Sally from the sidelines- she did a great job making the favorite Hershey's chocolate cake recipe and baking it in a heart shaped pan.  No frosting- Sally liked it and honestly we all did- kept it simple.  The festive table with Denison Red plates- ahh the Beth Eden plate is all the more special!  Clare took me out on Sunday for a bit of retail therapy. So good to visit the IGA- it had been four weeks!  We popped by TJ Maxx to pick up a few gifts to set a festive holiday tone.  Nothing special- a new shower curtin for Joe, Sally a requested shower cap and Clare picked her own necklace.  Griffey even picked up a new snack/chew toy.  Nothing stood out for Peter so Joe procured a new Denison Basketball Tshirt- now a Large?!!   The kids also received their India Shutterfly books and are all delighted.  A Denison student wrapped them for me and they have added to our Heart Day decor this month.

My heart is filled with love for my coworkers.  I'm supported on a regular basis but today a colleague dropped everything to get me to a hair appointment. This just wasn't a hair appointment- but my first in 3 months.  I've wanted and needed my hair washed and dried and styled for four weeks and was sooooo looking forward to it.  For some reason I had it in my head that the 14th and 15th were all one day- Tue/Wed activities were blurred....I know this is a sign of me doing too much, me being tired. I type now relaxing on the couch, resting with a great new hairdo! Woo hoo...thank you Mandi.

It is a fun day, a day filled with silly hearts and cute gestures.  The little things mean so much-the lollipop and carnations, the Rotary roses in the perfect vase, the texts and cards and chocolate cake. I could ramble on but will wrap up the words of preservation of what it is I love on this 14th day of February in my life on Newark-Granville Road.


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