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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Out and About with a Broken Ankle.....

Anyone who knows me well, knows I just don't stay home that much.  Yes I can reflect back on the almost four weeks from my fall down the stairs and be grateful for time at home.  Resting, nesting and recuperating.  But it just isn't my nature.  So you won't be surprised to hear about my weekend activities.

1st- Friday night back court side!  The basketball season is coming to an end and I want to see one more game for each child- Friday was Clare's. It was also senior night and I had the energy.  Saturday at work.  How wonderful to host the Parents Advancement Council on campus.  This was the motivation for my quick return to work after surgery and it all paid off.  Certainly staff would of taken over and done a great job, however I would of been sad not to engage with these amazing volunteer donors.  The day was energizing and exhausting so Saturday night I did not attend the Vail concert, the NCAC swim meet, GHS basketball game or play....always lots to do in Granville, Ohio!  Sunday was Sally's last game- tournament day.  Lucky me- two games (they won the first) and I was seated on the bench.  What a treat for me!  Clare and I did some grocery shopping and Valentines shopping as well- my first time in the IGA in four week! I missed it!  Again energizing and exhausting all in one trip.

Being out and about reminds me of the challenges those with permanent disabilities have.  I will recover and walk, run, bounce, bound around town...those that won't please know I feel for you.  I will do my best to always be thinking of you and if I ever have responsibility for design I'll think of you.  So often the ramp is steep and difficult to slow down.  Transitions from room to room can be bumpy and near impossible.  Outside sidewalks with cracks and in disrepair can send you flying or jarring and you feel it in your bones.  Doors with automatic doors with switches far from reach cause me to shake my head- I'm able to pull the door but to someone in a wheel chair or with a cane- good luck.  And then there is just the disregard for people around one another.  I remember worrying about my toddlers, preschoolers dashing through church during fellowship hour fearful they would knock an elderly person down.  After being in a gym full of parents attending a basketball tournament I think the world just isn't aware of their surroundings.  Certainly there were people that were quite helpful with doors, but more than not didn't mind blocking a pathway, would stop with no worry of who was behind them.  That was the exhausting part of maneuvering in public space and being off Newark-Granville Road and out in the world.

I will sleep well tonight. It was a good weekend and the week has much in store as we wind up basketball, check on the ankles progress, get a hair cut and even find some rest time in my life on NG Road!

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