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Thursday, April 17, 2014

50 years ago tonight…...

Three Cheers for all those involved in celebrating this remarkable story, for doing their best for us all being able to answer the question:  Who was the first woman to fly around the world- solo?  Jerrie Mock!  Last year thanks to individuals working with the Licking County Foundation a statue of Jerrie Mock was unveiled at The Works: Ohio Center for History, Art and Technology.  This morning The Columbus Foundation did a beautiful job with an unveiling of a statue of Jerrie for the Port Columbus Airport. Renate Fackler is the artist, Susan Reid is Jerrie's sister, Wendy Hollinger is the book publisher- all of these women have put countless hours into making sure we all can answer the question, learn the story and celebrate this remarkable accomplishment so inspiration can happen!! Life on Newark-Granville Road embraces this inspiration and story!!

By the way- Clare read the book- 38 Charlie and really enjoyed it- travel log, diary, journal- hmmmm maybe I need her to guest blog again…we'll see what she thinks after our time together tonight attending the re-enacting of the landing at CMH!

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