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Monday, April 21, 2014

Let's play who goes where when how….

That was tonight and so far so good…I can't declare victory until we execute and deliver everyone successfully!  Tomorrow we have tournament baseball- Joe will get home early and pick up Peter to take him to game by 5:15….only in Hebron.  Sally has Lax- in New Albany, and it is picture day so she needs to be there at 5 pm.  She will need picked up at 7:30.  I will be in Columbus tomorrow afternoon and have a 7 pm meeting in Gville.  Because too many Tuesdays have occurred with me worried about Sally coming home alone- we now have awesome Newark Catholic High School sitter with us- sitter wiling and able to drive Sally to New Albany. And we have awesome Denison student able to pick Sally up at end of practice!  So life on Newark-Granville Road is feeling better than it did mid-day today when I realized we didn't have the blanks filled in for this game that keeps us on our toes and grateful for the help in our lives on Newark-Granville Road!

We'll play the game again as the tournament progresses and duty calls- fun duty!!  Friday night The Works opens- Local Color! 6- 8 pm- a beautiful gallery of artists coordinated by Meredith Martin and her Sunbear Studio and Gallery.  This charming artistic destination is one of my favorites in Licking County- located in downtown Alexandria.  The Works Gallery is really looking beautiful filled with talent and color and unique approaches to art- I hope you'll join us on Friday!  We'll figure out how to get the kids where they need to go so we can enjoy the artist and your company and a glass of wine!

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