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Thursday, April 10, 2014

looking back to prepare for Derby!

I've caught the "throw back Thursday" bug!  I'm going to post the picture I put up on the blog- my goal is in April as we prepare for Derby to post all photos from the past with hats.  I was quite the hat girl and for some time my kids were too! We'll see what I can find.  This one caught my eye recently. It is a favorite.  You know on "Life on Newark-Granville Road" I love to share the behind the scenes for photos- what was happening when this was taken. It may be - the kids were screaming and pulled it together, I chose these outfits because…. or simple place and time as I get older.

So Keeneland, October- to those that do not know much about horse racing- Keeneland is in Lexington, KY- the races run in April and October. It is one of the most beautiful places to take in a race, or see horses, or be in Kentucky.  It is stone and green and gorgeous, the grounds are lovely and the southern civility here is simply beautiful.  I lived in Maysville, Ky- an hour from Lexington - in the mid 90s. I moved there single and then started dating Joe- another story- connected to Derby!!

I visited Keeneland a number of times and absolutely loved it.  So grateful to my friend Donna for making that happen.  What fun to take a date/boyfriend to Keeneland- a guy who liked to gamble, appreciates the finer things in life- we had a great day.  I dressed for this date in what I had- as I look at the photos I realize they were old stand-bys and favorites- a brown felt hat, a paisley Talbot's skirt, the Lands End barn jacket….the co-eds always inspired and delight when attending Keeneland- especially those boys in their blue blazers- just look at my handsome Joe.

So there you go- throw back Thursday with a hat and derby (horse, party, fun, hats) -inspiration-  my life on Newark-Granville road has amazing memories to share on these days!  We hope to see you on the 1st Saturday in May- May 3rd for our Derby Party!

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