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Friday, April 18, 2014

an extended evening…..

the beauty of living in your college town…not just a college town….friend come back!  Tonight was one of those special nights- a great friend of Joe (love when you like your friends by marriage and have things in common) was back with his two kids.  We met at the end of the day- let the kids warm to one another and then we headed to town for dinner.  Who knew the wait at Brews would be 50 minutes- giving the kids lots of warm to one another time.  The best thing I did was give them a $5 bill to get a snack….the snack was good for waiting for food to be delivered too.

It was nice to introduce Todd to our cool Granville friends- people do cool things in this community- they're nice and interesting.  You stand out on the sidewalk in front of Brews and people you know go by and say hi.  Once we were in Brews we had a great meal- something for everything but still a made to order restaurant so chatting time, getting to know one another time.  Our 4 kids (Peter at Bball) did great together.  We found a passion for travel, spilling, music and the baseball that unites the Dads.

Life on Newark-Granville Road appreciated the wait, delay and time to spend with friends- we look forward to return visits, visiting our friends' hometown (NYC!!) and other Denisonians making their way to 1142 Newark-Granville Road!

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