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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tuesday's update for Derby and what is going on here…...

Tuesday's life of Newark-Granville Road- Derby and OAA week!  Yes breakfast of champions being served here- sausage, fruit salad and coke-a-cola for Clare.  Joe started this tradition when I was in China years ago….the teaher reacted very well when one child shared this Leithauser routine- well sausage with soda is better than no breakfast at all.

Derby update- I was serious about the rain/mud boots - at least the rain will make it all the greener and prettier.  Forecast is only 30% rain and it went from 59 degrees to 60!  Lets all think positive- see the clear day, a bit of a chill but we'll dress appropriate and enjoy being together!  Kids will run and stay warm.

Derby update from Saturday with details: Woo Hoo- One week from today…..Derby Time!!! It has been a crazy week and now weekend of who-goes-where-when-how and it has an impact on Derby prep.  But that is OK- your reactions to this party is what makes us love to do it….and the early outside prep so we enjoy our yard!!

I hope you will join us…here is what you need to know for 2014…..

1. Once invited always invited!  We invited all of our wedding party in 1999 you never know who will show with their julep cup! Also know we really like to make sure people don't feel left out we love to include committees members we serve with, sports teams, etc….
2. Party start time 4:30 this year…..come when you can- race is 6:24 ish……some say the party before is the most fun, some say it is more fun after….every year a bit different.
3. Bring the rain boots- help us ward off the rain/snow flurries and know the yard is filled with mud due to the Sewer Tap in project- fun fun!
4. Bring a dish to share…finger food- sweet or savory….we'll have the traditional drinks! But don't let this stop you- I know how busy we are- you may walk in with nothing- really!!
5. Friend and families welcome- kids have fun just playing.
6. Hats are encouraged- not required- need to borrow one- let me know! I'll put some at the back hallway- stop by or grab one when you arrive for Derby time!
7. Parking- always challenging- we live on the corner of Newark-Granville Road and Fairview.  Golf Course lower lot- churches, Bryn Du sub- all parking places with easy walks. Thing shoes again….
6. Simply party this year- we'll have a play list going and the toys and sports stuff out- this year it is about being together.

We'll keep you posted- hope to see you on the 1st Saturday in May- May 3, 2014 for our annual event!

Friday Night- Fillies Run for the Lillies- Kentucky Oaks race - we'll be at MCC- join us for the Spring Fling Party (we'll go early and leave early for Derby prep)!! Great way to check out MCC fun! Send me an email at to chat about this!

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