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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

getting ready for summer which means…SWIMTEAM…..join us!

This is the email I received about the upcoming swimteam season at MCC- thanks Carol for your hard work! Please let me know if you want to come play some bingo and hear about the fun program we have at MCC- April 23.  All 3 Leithuasers are strong swimmers and comfortable in the water- this is largely due to swim team experience!  Life on Newark-Granville Road loves being in the water and around the pool- join us!

What a fantastic MCC summer swimming experience we have ahead of us! Feel free to invite your friends!

Welcome back to your swimmer , your family, and welcome new learning, fun, and social experiences!!

I can't wait to meet and greet with much fondness the exact same excellent coaching staff from last year's team! 
Head Coach: Robby Spichiger
Assistant Coaches Seth Stahl, Timmy Spichiger, Kelsey Haller, Kassandra Mestemaker, and Keely Lovern
We also welcome  MCC board member Joe Leithauser as our representative on the board for the pool & tennis aspects of MCC. . We are so grateful to have 3 new board members whose children also swim on our team. This helps keep communications and ideas flowing! Many thanks to Joe Leithauser, Chris Eckels and Mike Biehle, among others, for their numerous volunteer hours spent making MCC a great place for families to spend many hours together swimming, golfing, dining, and playing tennis...etc....

The excitement is also a BUZZ with the addition of a new MCC Club manager, Joseph Moore. You will have a wonderful opportunity to meet him and experience his BINGO ( the best BINGO I have ever played ) on April 23rd! Joseph loves kids and families as will be very evident as the BINGO fun begins. So, bring your whole family to dine, play, get sized for suits, and kick off the season with swim team 2014 sign ups! Family buffet  5-8pm. BINGO from 6-7pm. 

See you Wednesday April 23rd from 5-8pm. Come to sign up in person and start having fun with us! GO Piranhas!!

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