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Monday, April 7, 2014

March Maddness…..

and the 2014 bracket winner on Newark-Granville Road is Joe Leithauser!  We've been doing the family bracket a few times now and it really is fun.  We all enjoy basketball- all 3 kids play, Joe coaches, I drive shuttle and cheer. It has been fun to talk about the schools, the decisions- it was fun to pick Creighton and talk with my kids about life in Omaha in the early 90s! I love how I connect March Madness with Spring break and was often the one finding the papers to pack or include in purse for Peter to update.

Reality is Joe led the pack with Peter a close second these past few weeks.  Peter sums it up: "well, Sally was in 4th and Clare was trailing big. It was the Michigan game that Clare made her come back- you know that was an exciting game to watch and KY got lucky with that shot.  It was the Florida loss that took Clare and me out of it and declared Dad/ Joe our winner.

A sweet moment for me - I was actually cheering for Michigan as Peter was so darn cute in his Michigan Tournament Jersey he received for his birthday gift from us- just in time to put it on for that Monday night game. I had picked KY but…..Also the news of Florida's loss.  I did not watch that game which was kind of made the news all the sweeter- a little bonus in my awesome girls day on Saturday that did include basketball.  The evening game had me sitting in a bar sipping a single malt watching KY make their come-back. Wants to see that now…..

Peter played another tourney with school pals and Joe participated in some others too- I didn't pay much attention to those- our family bracket made life on Newark-Granville road within March madness quite entertaining.  Living in Kentucky for 2 years, Lexington is a favorite city to visit- I can't help but be thrilled to be yelling- go ya'll as I type tonight!

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