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Monday, April 14, 2014

going up to the fair college on the hill…...

Tonight I'll connect with a Denison classmate- at Denison. It is always great to meet up with friends from our college days, it is all the sweeter when they are back in Granville! And this one is particularly special as our classmate- Dave Howitt- published a book- Heed Your Call.  He had me at the title as I really do value "call" and spend some time with the concept.  I read the book and really enjoyed it.  I'm an extrovert so what I really like to do is talk about the book, share the book and best yet- interact with the author!  So I'm sharing what is going on with my life on Newark-Granville Road right now….I'll blog more later or feel free to join me live and hear what David has to say too- tonight 6:30 pm All Amercian Room in the Mitchell Center.  Want to know what else is happening at Denison or directions-   if events are open to the public it says so!  Sooo many good things happen up there-never enough time…kind of like the Works!! Lots of connections which isn't surprising as I'm called to support and engage both places in this life on Newark-Granville Road.  More about the book and concepts Dave explores.

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