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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

uniting to make a difference, executing a call…..

Connected to the book and the talk from last night about entrepreneurs- the heroes making a difference in the world, making things happen was my time with 100+women who care in Licking County. The group of women that unite their dollars to support organizations, the women that unite to share and learn about others making a difference in licking county with families, children, those that need that boost. What a wonderful night. I leave these gatherings so humbled, so inspired, feeling very blessed and grateful to the heroes that connect me- Amanda, Kelly, Ann, Katie, and the other woman I don't know that well but will insert your name when it is posted on the 100+women facebook site I hope….the couple that provide amazing foster care and share and providing programing…and all the women that wrote checks to help make the egg hunt happen, and the 3 year old boy get his bike, and my teammates….I could go on and on… life on Newark-Granville Road is very cool…I hope you'll consider joining this group- let me or any of the contacts on the website: 

know if you want more info- you can just attend-in July we'll learn about how "Bridge Out of Poverty" will use the funds they received tonight and we'll learn about 3 more heroes and organizations making an impact in our community.  Congratulations 100+women- 2 years old- thanks for being the heroes- heeding your call to help and help others help.

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