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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

all her favorite things…...

Clare makes birthday fun easy!!  Since it was the first Wednesday of the month we gave her the option of dinner at home, a trip to a favorite restaurant or spaghetti night at the Maennerchor- Newark's German Club.  A girl who loves tradition she opted for Spaghetti Night! And may I say a homemade delicious meal- thanks Bob, Bill and team!!  Of course she was pleased to have Cane's Chicken last night since we were in Gahanna for a field hockey game!  The thing to do is bring extra Canes home and take it to school for lunch.  So she enjoyed a yummy birthday lunch.  She requested that we return home for birthday cake.  This year the request was what Peter celebrated 12 with- Graeter's Raspberry Chocolate Chip cake made by Mom.  We went to Graeters after Canes last night- I presented the idea of picking up a Graeters made ice cream cake or pie with her favorite flavor?  She opted for my rendition- Oreo cookie crust with the ice cream- all formed in a spring form pan.  I was flattered and happy to make the cake.

Sally made the day fun and took me up on the offer to skip soccer practice so we could have family dinner.  We included Charlotte- Clare's best friend - so it really felt like a special family outing.  When we picked up Clare- Charlotte's Mom had homemade chocolate cookies as a treat for Clare. I love that Clare has a 2nd mom caring for her and letting her know how special she is.

It really was the best of both worlds tonight- having the whole family enjoying a Newark favorite and then time around our dining room table on Newark-Granville Road.  I sat back and watched my first born beam with joy as she opened cards and gifts.  She glowed in joy that elephants and thoughtful treats delivered!  Thank you all for helping Clare feel the love we all hold for her.

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