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Saturday, August 1, 2015

traveling for work…..

I am answering a number of questions about my new job.  The first is wonderful and I appreciate the support being provided- yes I'm very happy.  I love how people ask me- so are you so happy in your new job?  With the intonation being an assumption that I am- amazing how the voice lilts to share that meaning.  It really does feel nature and right.

Then the next question- are you traveling a lot with the new job?  The answer until this point has been - no, not yet!  But last week the travel started and I'm headed into a busy patch. And again I'm so happy! Last week my travel took me to Boston for a conference. I'm so fortunate to be learning about this new responsibility from folks doing similar work at amazing colleges and universities. I've had two opportunities to engage with some incredible professionals.  And while I was in Boston I was able to meet in person a outstanding volunteer. I love to meet in person, put a face to a voice, and see folks in their cities.  I also was able to prepare for next week's trip back to Boston for an event to welcome new parents and students, engage with more volunteers!  This is why I do what I do- working directly with people.

There are always bonus to this sort of work- a great meal out, quality time with colleagues, an adventure, personal and professional reading time, points… dinner I applied my Dad's lesson from growing up.  See something on a menu you never have had- order it!  I LOVED my beef bone marrow - anyone that has been reading "Life on NG Road" for a long time knows I love Julia Child and this had that feel- delicous!  I also had scallop ceviche-  a Mike Stoner thing- he makes great ceviche!

The water taxi to the airport across the harbor was great.  I met a fun family from Cinci, with a son going to OU- I told him to look out for the great Granville students starting there, currently there!  His Mom is good friends with my Denison classmate.  Denison stories likes these are a special part of my life on Newark-Granville. Theses interactions happen down the street, on the hill and all over the world, I look forward to sharing them with you.  And of course- let me know where you are, when you are visiting Granville and I hope our paths will cross in person soon!   Pictures tell the story….Boston trip- Parent Development Conference!!


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