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Friday, August 7, 2015

Civilized Travel

Civilized was the word I was looking for when describing the journey to Nantucket by ferry during breakfast yesterday.  It was a lovely passage- the pace, the energy, the feel- everything from fellow passengers to the process of check-in and luggage check.  I had never followed this path but I felt like I had done it for years or I knew just what to do.  It is hard to describe- my breakfast partner agreed and said she knew what I meant, despite the fact I could not produce the word I was looking for….until I did it again.

Yesterday afternoon I returned from Nantucket by ferry and found the word and experience.  My entire twenty four hour visit to the island was wonderful- arrival, departure, my stay at the Pineapple Inn- a Summer Home property. The work event, the shopping, my morning exploration through the gorgeous streets was buoyed by contentment. Nantucket was like nothing I’ve ever experienced and at the same time a place suspended in this feeling of resemblance. It is hard to describe and put into words.  It is a very special place and I will travel there again someday and in some ways I’m already there. I will travel by ferry in a civilized way to the town with cobblestone roads, brick sidewalks, hydrangea, fresh seafood, prompt friendly service, comfortable beach attire, children’s happiness beaming, bikes with baskets, mopeds and tennis duds.  I will go beyond the village and see the moors, beaches and roads- maybe by bike or jitney. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to have visited and traveled by plane, cab, boat and car meeting new friends along the way in the Boston area this week while moving forward to strengthen a program and connections for which I care deeply.  In this life in Newark-Granville Road that can include rush-rush, not always pretty comings and goings it was a happy journey.

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