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Sunday, August 9, 2015

updating the appliances.....real life to dos....

Appliance update and a plug for Mr. Appliance.  Often I’ll see a face book post asking for a recommendation for appliance repair- I now have the answer.  I have interacted with the owners of Mr. Appliance for some time. They are members of the Pataskala chamber of commerce and my gut told me they were good folks. 

So when I finally realized the way to fix the water dripping into basement from under the washer was to call the appliance repair folks- Mr. Appliance of Central Ohio is who I called and it worked.  Two visits by the plumber, review by contractors- we finally made the smart move.  The repair person wasn’t there five minutes and he knew what needed to happen.  Now in our defense- the washer- drier are stacked, heavy and in a closet. The location is great for laundry productivity.  The idea of pulling it out to investigate, repair made us all pause.

We have a new cold water valve and a basement that is finally really drying up- good news for the new concrete floor that is curing!  We also have an ice maker that isn’t making 12 inch blocks of ice and a part on order to return our stove to almost new!  The repair person was at our house at 8:30 am on a Friday, he returned with parts at 5:15 pm- he was out by 6 with two of the three in need of assistance items working and a great plan for next week.  Life on Newark-Granville Road enjoyed the check marks on these looming projects!

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