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Thursday, August 13, 2015

transition time…..please help…..

It is the time of year where I recognize I need help.  Keeping track of where I'm suppose to be has its challenges.  It doesn't matter my professional situation/work load/ responsibilities- school start up is tricky.  Even when I didn't work I struggled to stay on top of what orientation was when, open house start times, yada- yada.

This week Clare is my hero.  She said to me one evening- Mom, are you or Dad going my HS orientation.  It stopped me in my tracks- HS Orienation- when?  I missed that email.  She quickly found the announcement on my phone- clear as day on the HS Web Site- Parent Orienation 7 pm.  I altered our plans (quicker trip to the amazing Hartford Fair) and made it to the school to understand better the expectations for our oldest.  I'm glad I went.  I'm glad Clare was on top of things like this at this time of transition in our lives on Newark-Granville Road.

So if you think you might see me at an event- will you text me or email and help remind me?  Please!  I sent an email to a friend moving to the Middle School about next week's orientation - felt good to return the favor I appreciate, value, need.

The mornings are darker for yoga, the cool evening and the back to school supplies (thanks to my mother in law- woo hoo) on the table declare it is that time.  Time to transition from summer love- carefree days, pool time, golf time, frequent updates to who goes who when where how- to the arrival of the school bus and a shorter coordination demands of who goes where when how….It is the one shot meetings, sign-ups, evaluations that keep us on our toes and we appreciate the assistance and help during this time of transition.

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