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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Connections- ah-has- sharing the happiness....

These photos tell the story and I was lucky enough to witness first hand on Thursday. I think it was Thursday. It has been a full amazing week, couple of weeks actually.  I blogged about the Week of Welcome- WOW earlier and this is a follow-up.  I was so pleased a Denison parent I met last year when she delivered her daughter from California was able to connect with me. It took me out of the office and downtown with a fun little post.

Note- I met kim because my classmate from DU Jason is her dear friend from growing up- kudos to Jason for saying- meet Susan, she lives in Granville. Kudos for Kim for following up- yay!  Joe and I mean it- we love to know when you are in town!!

So Kim told me she was at the college store.  Being on the hill in today's world- I thought she meant the book store.  Nope- her sophomore daughter told her to go -Everest- the old Town and Gown. They do have GREAT stuff and I love that they are supporting Granville merchants! And that Granville merchants sell DU merchandise and support Denison.  The Denison book store has amazing things too- Vineyard Vine belts and bags, Lilly day timers, Underarmour sportswear, and SOOOO much more. The remodel is light and bright and I'm impressed. So impressed I took Kim to see it.  We both agree- both shops are worth a visit! And my new colleagues who don't know Denison as well - need to be aware of both options.

It is time to wrap up and hope if you are in the Granville area you are enjoying this gorgeous day- so much to do and see. I can't wait for Denison's Bluegrass festival in downtown Newark- starting at noon!! This all is why I blog- the fun nostalgic part of my life on Newark-Granville Road and the practical that matches to innate sense in me to connect- people to people, people to events and things and to me.

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