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Saturday, August 8, 2015

thank you cancer-enders......

Begin with the end in mind- it helps keep things in focus! One Goal- end cancer.  You have to admire and love it.  As I catch-up on some work this beautiful morning I have to pause and thank the riders, supporters, volunteers, organizers for the amazing work that happens with Pelatonia.  You go- roll on- woo hoo!

I'm proud Granville plays a role and encourages, celebrates the effort and results happening with the Pelatonia ride.  I will wrap up the work soon to go add my claps, woops and dollars to the cause.  I heard a staggering statistic about ovarian cancer's survival rate this week on the radio- it made me pause.  I called my sister that day just to hear her voice.  Sarah is quickly approaching year 7 since the diagnosis and she, Louisa (7 year old!!) and Greg are a happy, healthy family. Thank God, the medical profession, research, Sarah's fight and will plus all her supporters we have her today.  I go to those missing- the names and faces and memories of those that others are riding for- they inspire- their lives matter and go on in so many amazing ways.  I think of my Ga-ga as I type.  The work I do here today, my volunteer work with The Works and my small contribution today honors her too.

Okay- time to get back to work so I can go cheer at the entrance to Granville!!  Why am at work- hours away from work with the appliance repair person yesterday- but HUGE progress - another post for another day- my life on Newark-Granville Road- making a difference.

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