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Friday, August 21, 2015

School in the Summer….

We're back to school!  It was a good week on Newark-Granville Road!  Wednesday had everyone up on time ready to go! Joe made the corned beef breakfast send off so they went to school with protein in their tummy's.  Pictures were snapped- no one protesting too much- take a look below.  Clare walked to the neighbors to ride with a friend- such the high school girl now!  The bus was on time, kids looked good- all outfits happily executed.  A quick scrub of Peter's shorts- he sat on pasta- they dried in the drier.

By Thursday we were back to last year's routine- Clare up on her own- responsible child and a hurried breakfast for the other two.  It is now Friday and we're happy it is Friday.  A full week for all. Happily the weather changed- the hot sticky humid day gave way to clear sharp cooler days- a good thing as we await the new furnace/air conditioner.  Always something….Documenting this for the record books- big kids going to school! Peter seeming to have changed the most!

Summer dips in the pool, summer activities all mixed in with the back to school routine!  Happy to see friends and learn about all the fun fall will hold in our lives on Newark-Granville Road this year.

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