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Monday, August 24, 2015

Denison WOW

It is "week of welcome" at Denison! I saw that on the sign post and LOVE it! WOW in wolof (one of the languages of Senegal) is Yes.  Yes Denison - Week of Welcome- I like it!

Yesterday was the big move in day for the Class of 2019- wow- 2019.  We graduated from Denison in 1990… some ways that feels like a very long time ago and then I remember the day I climbed the stairs to learn I was next door to Lori and Kelly- the gals from June O and Kate and Elin on the other side- so lucky!

I was on campus for work and what an honor and delight to get to reconnect, meet and engage with wonderful new family members.  Denison is a family- the staff, classmates, volunteers, faculty, parents, students- we're all connected in a special way.  I teared up more yesterday than I have in quite some time.  Hearing confirmation that Denison indeed changes lives- alumni bringing their students back to their alma mater- figure eights.  Parent new to Denison so pleased to support their child's education, journey in this way- why Denison from has a profound impact on me- I listen closely.

Life on Newark-Granville Road just picked up on activities, options, to-dos and traffic.  The rest of the school moves in this week, classes start- get ready Granville!  The energy is wonderful and our town hustles and bustles with their arrival.  I just was studying with Sally- her economic flash cards.  I can't help but think about the positive influence the Denison family has on our village.  What makes Denison special is what makes Granville special- it is all about the relationships

Welcome to our family, welcome back, welcome to Granville- we're glad you are here.

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