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Thursday, August 27, 2015

say cheese…...

I have a new "head shot" for the Denison website and I'm pleased.  I can admit to liking the picture.  I chose a winter jacket- a beloved sweater/jacket a great color of brown.  Years ago- high school- my mother took my sister and I to a "color me beautiful" session.  I learned a great deal and have applied the lessons.  I'm a fall by the way.  I also love to wear outfits that work with pearls.  As much as I do like color I love simple white with the brown.

My last head shot was not my favorite. It was OK, it looked like me and I did like the jacket. I admit to not loving my hair long. My favorite pictures of myself are with hair at this current length- not short, not long.  However I like to grow my hair so it isn't always the same and I get the fun of having it cut back to the best look on me look.  But know I really do let Beth do what she wants with basic input.

Although the fact that I'm blogging about this makes it some what important.  The reality is I don't take this all too seriously.  I'm a person you will see in town with no make up, sweats, rolled out of bed to get to the farmers market as early as possible or post exercise.  I will take my kids to school in PJs and I do not wash my hair every day.  In fact on evenings I'm dressing up I love to stay super cas- no make up.  I like the contrast and only dressing up once.  And I get the philosophy that says the make up we put on is for us- not others.

I do buy into the philosophy that says care about your appearance as it reflects how you feel about yourself.  Dress professional- for your next job- follow people you admire's lead- your boss, others in places where you see yourself some day.  That can mean jeans for some professions and life styles.  I've chosen a profession that is professional and I like to dress professional.  I also like to be practical, comfortable and have color in my life with some variety.  My first suit was play dough green!  I didn't want the navy blue financial corporate suit- I wanted the Ad agency suit.  Reality is I want both and the jeans with the Denison sweatshirt so when I'm engaging with a volunteer who is a lax mom- I'm cheering for the Big Red in the appropriate outfit!  Note the Denison pin in my new head shot!

Thank you for the compliments on Facebook. I take the advice when given a compliment to accept it.  I go a bit further and give you the behind the scenes and "why" of the photo.  Life on Newark-Granville-  saying cheese for the camera for the picture that can be seen:  Lucky me to have this job and the opportunity to sit for this shot.

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