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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Summer Fun- I went to the Fair…..

Summer- I'm hearing it is ending because school is starting.  I can't accept that- I love summer!  I have not blogged enough about the wonderful summer things that happen. I made it to the Harford Fair this week but didn't even post it on Facebook!  We made it for an hour but it was a worthy hour- the drive up there is gorgeous- country roads of Licking County- I have a goal to drive them all in my life time.  Seeing a bit of the hard working kids and family that show- this year it was the sheep.  If a child can control, maneuver prepare a sheep  (insert cow, pig, etc) for show- that child can do anything!  I hope they know that and take that confidence all over and everywhere and into everything they do.  I love the barn with the ducks and foul- but this year there were no feathers. I was given a heads up so not to be disappointed and a great board explaining the health of the animals, health of farms was explained.  Instead they had these amazing pieces of art- I wasn't expecting this and was very impressed!  The fair is also for people watching, eating $2 ice cream with creative flavors- elephant ear this year.  I love a burger from the Cattleman's booth but you can support the booster groups of community schools- I hear great things about the Trojan burger.  If you didn't go to the Hartford Fair this year- it is over- put it on the list.  If you were there, part of making it happen- thank you and congratulations.  I'm missing many other awesome components- the band, the political offerings, the other barns showcasing great work.  We don't do the midway but I'm sure it is fun.  Sometimes we do the mini-golf, jumpy thing and one year Peter did a mechanical bull.  

I'm wearing Lily today- it has some red in it- always try to have a bit of red when I'm interacting in an official Denison way.  But I want to keep the bright cheery color of summer as we face the wind-down of summer, school start up this week in our lives on Newark-Granville Road.  I'll share more soon- time to get this day started- summer Sundays- ahhhhhh!

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