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Saturday, May 3, 2014

beautiful day for a party…...

There really is more than the bright happy colors that draws me to Lilly Pulitzer- she was an entrepreneur who loved and entertained with art and style.  She loved a party and so do I. I love to host and entertain so we can connect with our friends and family and connect them to one another.

Derby is a tradition Joe and the kids have embraced- we just picked up the root beer and Orange soda- new this year at kids request.  We were not able to get the brand I wanted- my goof- I should of checked in earlier…next year.  I'm pleased the kids rolled with it- there is always stuff to roll with at Derby party- weather, music, kids schedules…those close to me have seen my challenges with this- but I try.  Thanks to all those that help me and all the opportunities like hearing Ashley Judd this week that remind me why "sitting loosely" is a good thing.

It has been a beautiful preparation time this year- the mint was wrapped in newspaper that declare Louisville is going to Omaha- colelge world series baseball- how cool is that! Yesterday I walked in the woods on a hill, I soaked in the amazing selection of flowers and time to get my hands dirty, I was in the kitchen cooking early!  Unpacking Derby supplies makes us smile and remember good times and such gracious love.  Good things are being done around here, the kids are helping, friends are checking in… on Newark-Granville Road is ready for Derby…almost!!  Which means I need to stop blogging and get back to my list!

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