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Sunday, May 18, 2014

and we have a contender!!! Triple Crown Contender….

This page has great information- there is a chart showing horses that won the Kentucky Derby and Preakness and then shows their finish at The Belmont- these are the Triple Crown Contenders that didn't get the Triple Crown Prize.  I remember Silver Charm in 1997 as that was the year I went to the Derby, then hosted the Triple Crown Party Joe attended- our 2nd date! I loved the horses name- Silver Charm and won money at the Derby when he won!  There have been 7 other horses since then in California Chrome's place!    Yesterday's Preakness was a whole bunch of fun- we were with our Town and Country Dinner-Dance group and I was wearing a hat! Life on Newark-Granville Road loves a good theme and event with connections- this was horse racing and Maryland with friends in Ohio- win-win!

It has been a full weekend. I had to accept the face I wasn't going to do many of the options.  Saturday morning work won vs extra curricular things. Administrative tasks just had to be done to start the week well.  I'm glad I went in as I was able to meet the next set of Volunteens!  We all count on and appreciate teenagers wiling to volunteer and make a difference at The Works.  This afternoon had all sorts of grown up fun but watching Peter play baseball and making a family dinner was the top priority. Joe took Sally to her lacrosse game so we could support the kids we tend not to see as much on Sundays. Again I was in the right place- where I was suppose to be. I type as a satisfied, content and happy person tonight on Newark-Granville Road.  I think we'll top it all off with a walk to town for some Whit's to celebrate Clare wrapping up "THE" 7th Grade Wildflower project- a blog subject in itself!!

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