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Monday, May 26, 2014

with a break…..

Yes I broke a bone in my ankle.  I was playing tennis with Joe…here is the scoop:

1. Friday night- Awesome date night with Joe- tennis at MCC and soft shell crabs for dinner.  The bummer was the trip to Licking Memorial @ Cherry Valley Urgent Care in-between to determine that the fall I took on the courts (was so close to winning a game off Joe- it was the deuce point that did it) was a break.  
2. The Dr said it is a break in the fibula near the ankle- looks good that tendons and muscle not affected so at this point no surgery required.
3. We'll know more when I get into the Orthopedic Dr on Tuesday- I'll call 1st thing.
4.Now I'm home with a temp cast with orders not to put weight on it, keep it up. I have a walker thanks to the Mattimoes which is helpful.
5. I slept on the couch with only one hour of discomfort and slept realy well in my bed the 2nd night.
6. I have a bell that Sally brought me and everyone is helping.

It really is OK- it is hard- I’m using muscles I haven’t used in ages to go up the stairs- on my bum. Standing up again from the floor with one foot/leg is hard.  I really appreciate others that have to do this for longer than I will and friends that have had surgery and limited mobility.  That said I’m enjoyng the chance to rest and read and observe.  I sat at the pool Saturday- my leg up, in the shade. I had a wonderful lunch. I enjoyed the conversations and connections but most of all just sitting and listening to the fun everyone was having.  I enjoyed Apple Valley and soooo grateful for Scott and Ann's hospitality for years and our supportive comfortable relationship.  The pain isn’t too bad- Dr said I’d be OK with acetaminophen and ibrphroan and I am.  800 mg- I can tell when it wears off. I do have to move, get tired of sitting in one positon and finding a good position with leg up is tricky but I make it work. 

I have a full life, I’ll recover I’ll be back on the tennis courts, I’ll be back in the pool this is a break (ha ha) that is good for me.  I’m so grateful it didn’t happen Labor Day weekend-  3 weeks from HATSOFF would not have been good.  I have wonderful help and support- we’ll wrap up school and transition to summer vacation at a different pace and all is fine.

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