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Monday, May 19, 2014

making it work……seeing it work…doing it together!

I'm a planner. If I don't get to plan and organize I get a little …hmmm what is the right word: stressy, anxious, bi(&$….you get the picture.  I try hard to "sit loosely" and roll with things but it isn't easy.  Those that know me well share and support this side of me.  Last night I was up at 3 am worrying about the transition to no school and full time childcare/drive care we need. We have wonderful care providers- wonderful.  There was a short time during a school year care wasn't stellar but that was bound to happen in 9 years of being a working mom.  The reality is we've been very blessed with great care and helpers in our lives and this year and summer is no exception.

My stress comes from the planning needing to be done- I got a great start tonight! The stress comes from getting through the transition and accepting we can't avoid it, can't slow time down, can't speed it up- just embrace it.  Extorverting and typing helps me get through it.  Tonight I realized it is 9 weeks.  I LOVE summer and 11 weeks of no school is manageable. 2 of which have kids at beach with my family and 1 week in Maryland with my parents/sister!  Clare is gone 6 1/2 weeks of the 11.  What I embrace and know to enjoy the summer I love is  that all friends, family and community members help- we love how our community partners and makes it all work.

I saw Clare today riding while reading her phone- I about stopped traffic on Newark-Granville Road yelling at her.  Geeze!  If anyone sees any of our kids doing this- let us know please. Or other safety concerns.  Thank you- this is that topic line of doing it together.  I'm here to help you with your kids too- rides, coaching, communication- anything I can do I will- just ask.  I'm also asking that you help me - remind me of all class events and meetings- we missed two this year for Sally.  I can't keep up with 3 schools, 3 kids with many comings and goings.  I loved the email about school physicals that came from a baseball/basketball mom- she was making sure we all had the info we needed- best email of the day.  As we transition from intermediate to middle school there will be bumps.  One would think we'd know what we're doing with the elementary school and Sally- 3rd child.  I forgive myself and roll with the errors- part of the game of parenthood!  We're playing it, we're engaged and making progress, learning and laughing and that is what matters.

Tonight was a night I'll cherish forever- a beautiful day for the GIS Running Club 2 mile run- we started with the end in mind and a good breakfast this morning.  Great to see the kids and parents- big thanks to organizers and volunteers that made this happen!! Joe and I both in town to make baseball and Gville lax clinic work.  It was extra special last one of the season with Clare and 7th grader lax players helping out as coaches and refs- seeing Clare in action on the field was parent delight. I made two stops at baseball watching Peter and community kids in action- two Granville vs Granville 12U teams playing at Raccoon- pretty sweet.  Young Tball happening at the same  time and just lots of happy coming and going with families and fans of all ages.

Life on Newark-Granville road takes planning, sitting loosely and playing ball to make nights like this happen but most of all great partnership! Thanks to all involved and thanks for reading!

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