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Thursday, May 8, 2014

time to fly…..

But before you can fly you have to have wings…or better said a vest with wings, a rainbow, numbers, an American flag - aka badges!  I have been dreading this task all week and so I procrastinated it.  I gave myself the reward of watching TV while working on it….or reality is didn't want to miss the Grey's Anatomy show and I want to be in bed by 11. These specific badges are girl scout badges for the new girl scout vest.

I'm not crafty.  Installing badges via ironing, sewing or even "badge magic" is crafty.  I'm pleased to say it appears the badge magic was successful.  This has not been the case for Clare and Peter's scouting garb- history helped me procrastinate!  I won't call this one good until she successfully bridges from Brownies to Junior Scouts- brown to green- without a badge floating off and landing in the mulch at Wildwood Park.  The girls have planned their ceremony to include a wood bridge and slide- I love it!

Kudos to our scout leader Stephanie who supported tonight's effort with the reminder about Badge Magic and a map of what goes where.  I wouldn't be typing this without her.  Sally wouldn't be in this place without the wonderful moms in our lives- the troop moms have kept the girls engaged, learning, encouraged, inspired and together in a happy, healthy environment.  The troop leaders, carpool coordinator, snack delivers and activity arrangers do the magic.  I'm so grateful for all the help these women and young ladies have provided to Sally's life on Newark-Granville Road.

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