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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

fixing the break…..

Thanks for the positive vibes- all is good!! Today Joe will take me to LMH for a procedure to stabilize the ankle area.  My xray shows a slight shift between the two pieces of fibula the fracture created.  Joe and I agree to secure the stability and remove the doubt of how it will mend.  I know I'm in good hands and care and your thoughts and prayers mean the world to me- thank you.

Reinforcement on the home-front is on the way- Nana/ Mom/ Jeanne arrives this afternoon.  She's been looking for an excuse to get out here to see Peter play baseball and be with her girls- perfect timing with end of school fun! She also really is a great cook!!  Please know we all appreciate all the support and ways you show how much you care and are able to help!! We're counting our blessings.

In our house we add to our prayers- God, please pray for those that are need of your love and comfort. Our family knows of too many in this situation, those very close to us- please join us in praying for others in need far greater than ours.  We all are blessed to have one another to comfort, care, celebrate together.

We'll update soon- it is outpatient care and I'll be home this afternoon!!

And if anyone is interested- what does one wear to surgery?  Lilly P of course- I needed something freshly laundered and it called to me!! Just a bright Tshirt!!

Also being really honest- I over did it yesterday and am sore…yes I admit it. But the boot felt so good, figuring out I could drive…life is for the living and I do live it to the fullest.  I will rest and recover and I know my life filled with friends and family on Newark-Granville Road will allow me to do so! Thank you.

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Erika Twining said...

Susan, I hope you heal quickly! I know it can be really hard, but try to let others do for you so you can get well. I will be sending positive healing vibes your way!