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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

chasing the bus…..

I'd love to get some favorite ideas for bus driver gifts.  One out of five days I probably do one of my favorite morning activities- go get the bus!  A call will come from an unknown cell phone, one of the kids will borrow a friend's cell phone to call me to say…I forgot…..Today it was- I forgot my sunglasses Mom. Those in the elementary school know today was ABC countdown S day- S for sunglasses!  Now Sally had sunglasses on her head when she went to the bus stop.  So deductive me headed out the bus stop and sure enough there were the sunglasses on the step. So what did I do- hurry up and pack up for the day and get in the car and ….go chase the bus.  I was toward the end of the window of time for the bus to still be in Bryn Du. I pulled up behind, called out to the last child on the bus and knew the hand off to Sally would happen!

I'm a big fan of- if I can I do. If I can (don't have meeting I have to get to or haven't left) I chase the bus.  I can say no but I like to say no with a yes.  I also not to have to deliver the forgotten item to school- especially the Intermediate school- traffic, walking in the door, getting buzzed in if the school is even open yet…. I like to chase the bus- saves me time!  I love the kids that know me and deliver items on the bus so I can avoid meeting up with the bus. Ella, Casey, Cade, Cheney family, Henry, Lilly and all the others- thank you for smiling and saying sure Mrs. Leithauser so I can get on with my day. Thank you to the friends that loan cell phones so Peter and Sally don't have to bother teachers and deal with this 45 minutes later at school and delay my day.

I take great pride when I recognize a forgotten item and chase the bus proactively- the phone call coming while I'm en route and I can say- where are you and strategically meet the bus to save time. Or lately the kids are proactive and give me advice on what to do- always saying PLEASE….the last was please take the trumpet to Casey's house…and there was Casey sweet as can be to greet me with a smile- walking to my car to get said trumpet!

So if you're in Bryn Du and you see my car in the morning- yep you know what I'm up to- chasing the bus- a favorite activity in my life on Newark-Granville Road.  I'm supporting my kids and engaging with the neighbors.  And enjoying the thank yous that come when my kids kiss me goodnight- like Sally did this evening.

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