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Friday, May 30, 2014

ready or not here it comes…..

Last day of school…..the kids are ready, I'm ready with the schedule for next week and plans to have kids well cared for and engaged. I love summer and love that my kids love summer.  I wasn't ready to break my ankle to slow down the end of school thank yous for teachers and staff.  My trip on the tennis courts is tripping up my transition time.  Sally admitted today that she will miss school and her friends- she and I are in the same camp- at least someone is!! I love school as it keeps my children safe, engaged with trained caring teachers. I'm a social person, an extrovert- school provides that energy and outlet- my gut says Sally is too!

Progress- Joe and I are very proud of our kids and the progress they've made.  We don't want to be boastful but we want our children to know we're proud of them. They've all made huge strides this year in many areas- academic, athletic, and most importantly their own growth and maturity. We've had fun, we've had frustration and lots and lots of learning and celebrating.  We wrap up 3rd, 6th and 7th grade in a pleasing way.  Transitions- no more Elementary school, Peter to Middle School with Clare. I love growing up with my kids, I love my growing up children. I loved my babies but I love this new phase and it is an important one! One that doesn't happen alone and we're grateful to the communities and support systems we have here.

Ready or not life comes…this broken ankle, my dear friend's surprise illness and so much more….but we're rolling with it.  Life indeed is three steps forward, two back, step ball change and sometimes a spill- we get back up, lets friends help and make the progress we can together on Newark-Granville Road.

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