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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

This is a blog topic that could fill pages and pages, bytes and bytes. I'll open by sharing it is a lovely mother's day for me for many reasons.  If I could freeze time right now I would- the window's are open and the temperature is so comfortable.  The fog creating lighting that is soft and artistic.  I want to sit and savor this last hour and how we arrived at this beautiful place.

I'm sitting at the dining room table after lovey, delicious and thoughtful breakfast in my honor.  Clare made fruit salad with apples, strawberries and red raspberries cut just like her Dad does nice small bite sized. I saw her sitting at the kitchen table working on this when I set out on a morning walk with the dog.  When I came back from the walk Sally had me close my eyes when walking through the dining room. When I sat at my place a perfectly made latte awaited me in a beautiful #1 Mom travel cup colored by Sally. She's hinted about it and wanted so much to give it to me yesterday but I wanted to savor this gift- I will indeed miss the elementary school and projects like this!  Peter made corned beef hash and a darling heartfelt card. By the way his good morning hug/cuddle was awesome- the girls were good but boy that boy can hug.   I love a good breakfast and Joe facilitated a great one.  Country ham, over easy egg and toast with a bonus taste of hash.  The white table cloth with stains from art and homework projects over the years, family dinners and parties.  Still beautiful roses from last week's soiree gathered to replaced the fading fast Derby center piece and orange juice in juice glasses.  The breakfast wrapped up with Clare showing me a video a friend facilitated made to delight any mother.  Clare is a beautiful teenage- what a lucky mother I am to say that!  I'm touched to the core this morning by my whole family, counting and loving my blessings on Newark-Granville Road.

I'm also very aware of how fortunate I am to have my mother, mother in law Nadine helping in soooo many ways, loving and supporting my family and me.  All the friends that lend hands and heart to help and create  learning, support and love not just for my children but the community and world's children.  Life on Newark-Granville Road needs to get going- I need to get up from the table as many more Mother's Day memories await!!

** the day had indeed been one to savor- church was beautiful- the hymn sing with Sally, Peter and children we cherish in the choir, Peter happily off to baseball and calling me with the details, sitting in the grass on a blanket in Bexley watching darling 9-10 year olds playing Lacrosse, Clare giving the play by play and supporting her sister.  The end of the afternoon gave me a few light cooking projects just enough for happiness while the kids and Joe made an incredible dinner we enjoyed outside! I was able to sit and read the paper during cocktail hour on the patio too.  The week is coming together in what feels manageable for May- a true Mothers Day gift!!  I thought there would be more days like this- Joe and I joke about this and it is true.  We're busy and bustling and moving fast with many things- days like this are to be savored in my life on Newark-Granville Road.

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