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Thursday, July 18, 2013

everything in moderation, including moderation...

My father loves this me it says- keep things in balance, but know there will be days and times you are out of balance.  Electronics- how do we keep balance when they are all around us and help us, connect us...for someone like me who loves to connect!  Work and Life- when you love your work, how to keep the balance....staying in motion, trying our best and knowing there is no perfection.

So tonight I'm taking a break from electronics for a week or so....take care this week my blog readers. I will return probably with an overload of updates and thoughts to share.  I'm going to move to the old fashion journal for a week or so....we'll see what I can glean from that to post when I return.

Life on Newark-Granville Road is quiet tonight and it is what I need.  Joe and I pick up Clare on Saturday- the time has flown and it has been good for us and I know in my heart regardless of her feelings at this time good for her.  Sally and Peter our loving their grandparent time in Maryland. Life is good if we let it be, if we look for it....if we stay in motion and enjoy moderation....

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