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Thursday, July 4, 2013

loves a parade!

Happy 4th of July- it has been a wonderful mid-week holiday! Last night was fantastic-met and exceeded all expectations. Facebook posts reflect and share the fun.  In many ways the activities at OSU-N/COTC were like a parade.  We settled into our spot with friends and took the celebratory magic- wonderful music, fantastic fireworks and good good people.

Today's Granville fun was parade like as well- a full day with one event after the other in tradition and holiday fashion.  Sally and I cheered the parade of runners go by, return back and then we made it to town to cheer the finish of Peter and Joe!  I miss running that race and am committed to getting back there at some point.  The question is do we like to be in the parade or watch and's blog contemplation!

We love the annual 4th of July "Mile Long" Granville Parade for so many reasons. It really happens right down the street on Newark-Granville Road turned into Broadway.  We were exposed to it right away when we moved here and joined an amazing tradition with the Bridges on West Broadway- their hospitality amazing.  I remember caring for newborns and feeling as if the parade had stopped and continued just for me. We shared the fun with sooo many friends and family.  The next tradition was the kids love of riding in Craig Baldwin's truck with the opening political entries.  This kept us at the east end enjoying time with a great group of pals and happy kids.  Joe and I only participated when needed.  This year we made our way west on the other side of the street...and we loved the change of pace. We were perched higher and under a lovely tree, friends and good people all around with wonderful energy.  Peter and Sally abandoned us for a better candy-gathering location and did well. We love their Independence and teamwork.  The Kiwanis do a wonderful job making sure Granville had their traditions and it funds good things for our community- win-win! The parade's theme this year of "Hometown Heroes" was well executed and I was happy to be observing this year and cheering for all those that helped share the message about their heroic efforts- teaching, fighting a disease, raising funds, being an inspiration, leading a swim team, civic duties, proving music with rhythm and style, 4-H industries, Green Revolutions, Granville's reunioners, first responders and most importantly our veterans- all are heroes to me and make our hometown such a special place. I loved watching and taking in all of my parades today. I work hard and was happy for the holiday and am grateful for the amazing hospitality that was paraded out for my family and me. Granville gives my life on Newark-Granville Road much to cheer and celebrate this 4th of July.

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Yes this is a day of gratitude for ALL who work ...sometimes invisible..but work to create a community of equality, respect and creativity!!! Happy 4TH of July to you and your family. God Bless. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart