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Saturday, July 27, 2013

in the south!

Oh the things I can blog about....what a full and fun week plus I've had...wandering off of Newark-Granville Road and into the lovely south....I admit it - I love the south! And how nice it was to escape from the usual responsibilities of life on Newark-Granville Road...take a break and soak in family time, adventure, pampering, sun, sand (lots of sand- brought home a bunch) and the kids!!! Clare is home after a month away and Peter and Sally two full weeks!

I look forward to sharing the "why" I was so pleased with: Clare's 3 week Camp Alleghany experience, my surfing lesson with a black eye to show for it, time at the Greenbrier just as wonderful as last year, my declared new favorite vacation location of Hatteras Island, and a number of other valuable lessons and perspectives this vacation and spending time "under one roof" with my family has given me.

We're home- I wasn't quite sure I wanted to come was that much fun, it was that good to just get away....but my life on Newark-Granville Road is that good too and I'm ready to jump back in...but for's sleepy time......

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