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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

growing up great.....

I love when work and life compliment one another- for me it happens almost every day and I'm fortunate!  And I love that my kids love where I work @ The Works: 
Many of you love the Works too and so I'm asking for your help.  A fantastic and fun learning opportunity will be at The Works next Tuesday- July 9th 11 am to 5 pm and it is FREE!  PNC Grow Up Great (a very special nation-wide program) is bringing their PNC Group Up Great Mobile Learning Adventure to our parking lot!   I need your help spreading the word.  I know how busy parents with young kids are- this time of year in particular.  Next week when the 4th of July fun isn't around- what to do....come to THE WORKS!  This adventure is designed for kids 3-6 years old with their parent/care giver.  Activities include: Touch Screen Kiosks, "What I Want to BE when I Grow Up" photo station, craft area and a give away table...Children under the age of 5 will also receive the "Happy, Healthy, Ready for School" multimedia kit!

Fliers have been posted around town but we all know word of mouth is the best!  Dear blog readers that are connected to young kids please help this opportunity be missed!  email me at and I will send you the flier to forward to friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc...

By the way- that day is also Curious Kid 10:30 in the courtyard Fairy Gardens with Wilsons...and Friday, July 9th...Music in the Courtyard and our friends at Matesich and Velvet are providing Root Bear Floats again...and Friday's sponsor is First Federal Savings (okay- pop in to my head the jingle Clare, Peter and Sally have been singing every time we drive by a First Federal branch-maybe we'll have them sing on Friday!!)

So as you can see my life on Newark-Granville Road merges with work pretty easily.  I could type for hours on this topic. However I'll wrap up this work day blog entry by saying thanks to these sponsors of The Works that make my life and our community's filled with great learning! In particular this week- PNC, Matesich Distributing, Velvet Ice Cream (national ice cream month!!), Wilson's and First Federal Savings. I hope to see you @ The Works on Tuesday and Friday!

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

HOT damn...a good time for all!!!!!!!!!! I am not sure what our doctor's appointment will be next.......but I will try to pass this on! Peace, Mary Helen